Our story so far

In the course of 2017 a number of roots aficionado’s reach the conclusion that in Maastricht there is a gap between the Muziekgieterij as promotor of pop & rock on the one hand side and Jazz Maastricht as promotor of jazz on the other hand. “We miss roots & americana as the linking pin between those two genres!”
They act immediately. January 2018 is witness to the birth of The Roots Unlimited Foundation. Main objective is the promotion of roots & americana in the wider Maastricht area.

Now, two years later, it is fair to say that Roots Unlimited has seen a healthy development: nearly 20 concerts featuring national and international artists, support of a number of promising talents, our own orchestra stylishly presenting roots music & culture, a fine website, Facebook in active mode, our own digital newspaper and more plans brewing:
'Roots in Maastricht is here to stay!'

January 2018 saw the birth of the Foundation with Guido van den Boorn as its first chairman. In  springtime we organised our first four concerts in the Gelagkamer (Bosschstraat, Maastricht). Ian Matthews, a long time resident of Limburg and – yes – frontman of the famous Matthew’s Southern Comfort, marked the start of the series. The fall of 2018 saw various international roots artists performing in Maastricht, i.e. Karen Lovely & Ben Rice and Melissa James with  Tom Gamble.

Roots Unlimited will continue to book (inter)national stars, as well as local & regional talents (see our News column for recent updates). The venues we select will be special and sometimes unexpected. Check our website and Facebook for updates and news items.

Roots Ultd Club Nights
Autumn 2019 will see the start of a series of Roots Unlimited Club Nights. In association with various partners, we will present local & regional roots talents with an opportunity to present themselves to a intimate public of aficionado’s. Check out our websitefor details.